Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spazio Bernardelli x nu_be = HYPERAESTHESIA, an Art Exhibition feat. Mustafa Sabbagh and Milena Altini

HYPERAESTEHSIA Exhibition Opens September 7th - 21st
Hyperaesthesia, the intensified sensitivity triggered by stimuli - whether through the sound that one hears, food that one tastes, textures that one feels – the message that is relayed to our brains, and translated into physical reactions. In an artistic form, it may be bold creations that exhibit vivid images, sound, smell, or taste that give the audience an unforgettable experience.

Italian perfume nu_be, in collaboration with Sapzio Bernardelli are hosting “Hyperaesthesia”, an exhibition featuring the work of photographer Mustafa Sabbagh and artist Milena Altini.

The exhibition opens freely to the public from September 7th through September 21st in Mantua at the Spazio Bernardelli (corso Umberto I, 27 – Mantova). The artwork, said it would heightens anyone’s senses, is ideated by Francesca Gotti and curated by Fabiola Triolo.

The work by Sabbagh and Altini, each will use their own unique interpretation to define hyperaesthesia and create strong visual images in reference to the skin. In conjunction, nu_be will magnify this process through introducing the smell of its in house fragrances, inspired by elements (hydrogen, carbon, oxygen…) that define the basic necessity of life. Hyperaesthesia is an exhibition not to be missed, for more information please visit event page HERE.

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