Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Mustang Unleashed" Five Designers Collaboration Graphic Shirts

Mustang Unleashed
 (photos: Ford Press)
Ford Motor Company has recently worked with five visionary designers: Paula Cademartori. Anna Sui, Pamela Love, CO|TE, and ROGAN, where each crafted three original designs inspired by the Ford Mustang, bringing together a collection of 15 unique graphic shirts.

The graphic designs all uniquely conceptualize the spirit of going further through the lens of the iconic Pony car and the notion of “Unleash Your True Self”.

The five designers listed below, are some of the most amazing creators of our generation. Each with their own perspective and aesthetic found their three “Unleashed Design Points” for each of their responsible designs in" this collection.

Paula Cademartori

“Intelligent sesuality, structure and contemporary sophiscation are the main foundations of Paula Cademartori’s aesthetic. Her vision is a unique perspective where design is a prime tool for expression, emotion and elegance. Paula’s passion for design is fueled by every aspect of the process – from sketch to production to finished product.”

Unleashed Design Points: 1) Freedom, power and new experiences 2) Color, geometry and glamour 3) Attention to detail

Anna Sui 

“Like Mustang, Anna Sui was borin in Detroit. But the similarities don’t stop there. Anna’s work effortlessly mixes vintage style with current cultural obsessions to transcend eras and create true originals. With her passionate sense of freedom in her aesthetic, Anna takes you on a creative journey unparalleled in the world of fashion.”

Unleashed Design Points: 1) Evolving while remaining true to your identity and aesthetic 2) Embodiment of freedom, a car that makes you dream 3) Fantasy of rock ‘n’ roll – rock bands from Detroit

Pamela Love

“Jewelry design was not the road Pamela Love planned to take upon receiving her BFA in Experimental Film and Art Direction from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. But she followed her passion, and her creations are still heavily influenced by the arts, including American folklore and traditional European iconography, resulting in an immediately recognizable and visceral aura.”

Unleashed Design Points: 1) Artifacts of a story – American pop culture 2) Horses as a symbol of power, strength and freedom 3) The idea of moving forward and leaving the past behind you


“The Italian brand CO|TE, founded by Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, is quickly gaining momentum in the fashion world for its ability to freely reinterpret established design themes from a contemporary point of view. Its unique yet approachable design aesthetic comes from a constant exchange of ideas, fueled by a lively passion for natural and refined sensuality.”

Unleashed Design Points: 1) Thinking without preconceptions, trusting your instincts 2) Quality and tradition 3) Design and attention to detail, use of geometric and graphic elements


“Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn, founders of ROGAN and Loomstate, believe that quality is defined by more than how long your clothing lastas – it’s about the health of the farmer growing the cotton, the health of her community and the health of all the communities that contribute to making your clothing. Rogan and Scott work to design not only captivating products, but also systems that create more sustainable production.”

Unleashed Design Points: 1) Evolving while maintaining your integrity and design over the years 2) Pushing the boundaries and inspiring 3) Fast, abstract and thought-provoking

The limited editions of Mustang Unleashed shirts are available now for purchase on GILT ( The flash sales will run through October.

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