Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dr. Cabbie Vinay Virmani - An Interview

Vinay Virmani from Dr. Cabbie – An Inteview

Canadian comedy film Dr. Cabbie is now playing in theatres across the country. I was invited to prescreen the movie prior to its released and really enjoyed it.

The lead actor Vinay Virmani who portrayed Dr. Cabbie did an amazing job reflecting the contradictions and emotions many Canadian immigrants faced when they first land the country. I had an opportunity to interview Vinay to talk about his reflection as an actor and his role in the film.

Binzento: Was Dr. Cabbie your first comedy film? How was it different than your previous acting roles?

Vinay: “I had done a film called Breakaway (2011) co starring Russell Peters and Rob Lowe. It was a cross cultural sports comedy. 
However, this film was very different for me as I was playing a very straight, noble and simple young doctor. It was particularly challenging because I had to play a fish out of water in my own city.”

Binzento: What do you think is the best moment in the movie?

Vinay: “I love the scene where me and Kunal Nayyar who plays Tony deliver Adrianne Palicki's baby in the cab. The scene will make you laugh, cry, leave you hanging. It was a very tough scene to shoot as filming in a cab for 12 hours a day can get intense and frustrating. But my co stars brought such open and positive energy. It's really the highlight scene of the film and a pivotal point for the story.”

Binzento: How do you think Dr. Cabbie can relate to the struggles new immigrants may have coming to Canada?

Vinay: “I feel the film depicts the struggles of immigrants new and old. The film looks at the immigrant experience from a professional standpoint. For me, the journey started by taking a cab ride in Toronto one night where I met a cabbie from India who was a doctor. His story of rejection and heartbreak really moved me. Hearing how his dream of being a doctor was taken away from him. I felt this was a very important story to tell because we hear it all too often. Especially, in the medical field today, Canada has a doctor shortage and there are millions of people without a family doctor, yet we have international medical graduates who are pushed to the sidelines. “

Binzento: Are there any funny or embarrassing moments during filming of Dr. Cabbie? :)

Vinay: “We had so much film making this movie. Our cast very very international and from all parts of the world. Everyone brought so much to their roles. I know it sounds cliche but we were only big happy family and I think it shows in the film. One particular funny episode was when me and Kunal were shooting on the streets of downtown Toronto in a cab. A lady thought we were real cab drivers and hopped in. When we told her we were actors she thought we were joking! We all had a big laugh, I guess we were just so convincing as cabbies.”

Binzento: What sort of character you like to play next?

Vinay: “There are so many stories and characters that inspire me everyday. The immigrant experience is something that really fascinates me. So I hope this film leads to many more!”

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