Thursday, September 25, 2014

#CELEBRATION - One of a Kind Eyewear Project In Memory of Anna Piaggi

 One of a Kind Eyewear Project In Memory of Anna Piaggi
A talented gentleman whom I met during one of my visits in Milan has recently paid homage to Italian fashion journalist and icon Anna Piaggi. This gentleman, an eyewear designer and owner of ûber chic boutique Boudoir in Venice, Alessandro De Lorenzo has collaborated with Italian designer Oscar Mamooi to create an iconic capsule collection of eyewear frames celebrating the life and the unforgettable styles of Anna Piaggi, which have deeply engraved in the history of fashion.

The exciting “Anna Piaggi” eyewear collection, as a part of the #CELEBRATION project series, comes in 7 different colors, with no more than 30 pieces produced each. The frames are not given any names, but instead only descriptive colors emphasizing the “no branding” concept. “I want people to fall in love with design and quality instead of names and logos” said Alessandro.

The exclusive #CELEBRATION collection has already made its debut exhibition in Las Vegas, and will continue its tour in Paris (September 26th – 29th), Milan (October 11th – 13th) and Hong Kong (November 5th – 7th). They can subsequently be purchased at 24 selected stores worldwide, where each shop will have one pair per color available.
Alessandro De Lorenzo, photographed by Fabio Bressanello

For more info on the Anna Piaggi #CELEBRATION project, please click HERE.

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