Friday, August 8, 2014

nu_be - The Fragrance Collection That Combines The Story of The Universe and Chemistry Science

The Fragrance Collection That Combines The Story of The Universe and Chemistry Science
(photos: associated press/ nu_be)
nu_be is a debut fragrance collection by the Italian perfume house Fluidounce, founded by the olfactive culture expert Alberto Borri. More than just beautiful scents, nu_be has a deeper meaning that is inspired by the birth of the universe and elements in the periodic table.

Currently there are seven perfumes in the collection, named after primary elements that reminisce the beginning of everything in the universe: Starting from the moment of The Big Bang to the development of life on Earth. The first three fragrances: Hydrogen [1H], Helium [2He] and Lithium [3Li] represent the primitive explosion that started it all, with ingredients such as jasmine, cinnamon bark and rose which give exuberant aromas that are magnetic and restless, but also enveloping and meditative.

Next, the watermark of our biosphere: Carbon [6C] and Oxygen [8O] are fragrances that expel earthy flavors using ingredients such as sandalwood, saffron and olibanum. They are sophisticated scents that deep dive in the roots of life.
Finally, Sulphur [16S] and Mercury [80Hg], the more dynamic and complex fragrances made of ingredients such as various aldehyde mixtures, mandarin and pimento are perfect for those that like mysteriousness and modernity.

The packaging of nu_be displays a playful take on the primitive stone-age idea. The perfume bottle and its content are like the break of jewels within a raw, cement-like casing which is labeled with the periodic table symbol of the chemical element. The nu_be collection is currently available in Europe. Looking forward to its arrival to Asia and North America in the near future.

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