Monday, July 28, 2014

Altaroma: BLACK CELEBRATION - Where Black Is (Always) the New Black

Where Black Is (Always) the New Black
(photos: Altaroma photographers: Francesca Lattanzi & Luca Sorrentino)
(by: Olga Pong)

Black, the color that ironically is the absence of all colors or light, is one of the first colors used by ancient artists. Many would associate this color as mysterious, evil, emptiness, magical and secretive. But in the fashion and artistic point of view, it may also represent elegance, chic and romantic.  Recently, a dear friend of mine Nunzia Garoffolo had partnered with Altaroma, curated an exhibition in Rome, Italy that took us to a deeper discussion of black in art, fashion, music and culture. “BLACK CELEBRATION” – An exhibition that was held at the Montoro 12 Art Gallery was literally celebrating the work of art in anything black, created by many marvelous artists and designers including: Myriam B, Arnoldo Battois, Olga Pong, Frank Lo, Vernissage Project, Sergio Zambon, Lucia Odescalchi, Mario Salvucci, and Anna Porcu, accompanied by the artwork of brilliant photographer Marco Bertolini describing table objects revealed within darkness. Under the serious tone perhaps the Bogue mask had added some dark humor fun at the exhibition. The collection organized by Garoffolo and Altaroma perfectly celebrated the neutral and bold qualities of black giving the audience the perfect fashionably dark experience.

You can find out more about BLACK CELEBRATION exhibition via the Fashion Beyond Fashion blog and
(by: Mariam B, Arnold Battois, Frank Lo, Olga Pong)

(by: Vernissage Project)

 (Ilaria Venturini Fendi)

(having the moment with the Bogue masks)

(Left: Sylvio Giardino and Lubo Lanzara; Right: Enrico V)

 (Galitzine by Sergio Zambon)

 (By: Lucia Odescalchi)

(By: Anna Porcu)

 (By: Mario Salvucci)

(Nunzia Garoffolo and Silvia Fendi)

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