Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Haute Future Fashion Academy - The School That Shines Talent

Haute Future Fashion Academy 
The School That Shines Talent
(photos: Binzento)
I had the privilege to visit the Haute Future Fashion Academy (HFFA) during my trip in Milan. It is considered one of the newest and most innovative fashion schools in Milan and is an institution that is in partnership with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana organization.

The campus, in Via Santa Marta, is a gorgeous location shared harmoniously with classical musicians. You can often hear the beautiful and relaxing melody coming from the teatro. The director of the HFFA, Caterina Di Bert, became a friend of mine after we met at the BeNext Fashion Contest in Georgia last year. She had introduced me to the academy and all the wonderful opportunities the school offers to its students.
By default the HFFA is a fashion academy that provides necessary tools and knowledge for students to develop professional skills in haute couture fashion designs. But what makes HFFA different and segregates itself from other fashion academies is that it maximizes their students’ experiences by giving them the opportunity to work with some of Milan’s most talented fashion designers and their runway shows.

The day that I visited HFFA's 1st year class, taught by Milan’s women’s wear fashion designer Cristiano Burani, the students were working on collages of color palette, different shapes and fabric materials that could executed into an actual piece as their assignment. “It’s important that the students are not only studying the theory, but also have the hands-on experience”, said Burani. Taking the students on field trips to different workshops is an example.  The students engage in learning the business and manufacturing process behind fashion, knowing all details about the resources available for them when creating their pieces. It was also endearing to know that the students were also actively involved with Milan Fashion Week, assisting the designers behind the scene and even participating the model casting process.
In the advance master class, the students expand their portfolio learning critical facts about fabric selection, look book designs and even brand marketing. Talented fashion designer Sergio Daricello who lectures these young talents encourages them to find their own styles and aesthetics. With his strong background in fashion design and business, and his meticulous and constructive criticism, he helps students reach their goals.
In addition to full semester courses, HFFA also offers workshops that cater future fashion designers’ specific needs. A wide range of workshop selections are available including: interior trends, personal shopper, advertisement, bag design, shoe design, eco cosmetics, sunglasses designs, trend intelligence, lingerie and swimwear designs, fashion photoshop and many more. These workshops not only give an idea the complexity of our fashion industry, but also allow students to explore other realms and search for topics that truly interest them.
This fall, HFFA’s students may have their opportunities for the very first time to show their work at the Milan Fashion Week. It is something not every fashion school can offer, and certainly is the best platform to allow students to take the advantage to shine their talents to the rest of the world.

For more info on HFFA's currente events, registration, scholarship offers and courses, you can visit their website HERE.

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