Monday, March 17, 2014

PARKShow 2014

PARKShow 2014
(photos by: Binzento)
The sixth year run of PARK, a Calgary-based non-profit organization supporting local artists, designers and talents, came its first major fashion show of the year this past weekend at the Calgary's National Golf Academy (NGA) Golf Dome - PARKShow. This year's PARKShow was presented by Chinook Centre, continued to support local fashion designers spanning across the prarie provinces of Canada.

The NGA Gold Dome was a one of a kind place to host a runway show. It's without a doubt one of the largest venues PARK had ever gotten to host their events and it's perhaps the most ambitious one yet. It always amazes me how the PARK team could pull off a big event such as one like this given the "limited" resources for the fashion scene in Calgary. Hence two-thumbs up for putting together a well organized show, vendors, catering etc…
This year's PARKShow had nine fashion showcases including: EG ForgeRebecca King Fashion DesignKAZZ ClothingBano eeMeeCoutuKitschCamp Brand GoodsLUXX ready to wearSuka Clothing, and Malika Rajani. While most of the pieces were primarily commercial designs, each label carried its own taste and style. 

The value of PARKShow was to help the up-and-coming or emerging designers to gain clients through introducing their brands. Therefore I understood that functional ready-to-wear products would benefit most from showing at this event. Having said that, I thought it was nice to see each of the designer and brand had set up a trunk show alongside their runway presentations. Evidently there was good traffic at the vendor booths.
I enjoyed the presentations by Rebecca King, Camp Brand Goods, and Malika Rajani the most. Rebecca King had given us a solid designer collection that displayed her own unique aesthetic. As for Camp Brand Goods, though it was commercial, the presentation was fun, youthful and refreshing. Malika Rajani's new take on lamb skin line have proving her skills in fashion designs and understanding the current business market. I also thought LUXX ready to wear and Bano eeMee were good and cohesive. 

As the NGA Gold Dome was a huge venue, getting it to reach full capacity was certainly a challenge. Regardless, I kind of liked it that way - I never like over-crowded fashion events especially if I just want to watch the show. 

Now that PARKShow is over, I look forward to PARK's future initiatives expanding their production in other cities in Canada, and their fall season's PARKluxe.

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