Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joe Fresh FW14/15

Joe Fresh - Presenting to You a Cozy FW14/15
(photos: associated press)
A colleague of mine who came from the middle east made a comment to me the other day "You guys are lucky living in Canada… you never have to really buy a lot of nice-looking clothes since you are always covered up by your Canada Goose." The ironic thing is, the visitor's right, especially living in a city like Calgary where we battle winter for nine months, many of us don't seem to care what we wear underneath our winter coats. FW14/15 by Joe Fresh, can perhaps break that spell. 

The latest collection of Joe Fresh is taking care of us inside and out, showing items such as warm sporty jumpers with fur element, oversized knitted scarfs and large over coats that can be worn stylishly "fresh". A taste of playful bohemian meets the true white north. I am also loving the "mohawk" tukes - it's a small detail that makes the Canadian winter lesser conservative. Rusted and neutral color pallettes bring an outdoorsy camper feel. Joe Fresh FW14/15 will be providing us a cozy fall and winter to come, a stylish one, and truly Canadian.

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