Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warwick Rowers To Attend Student Pride

Warwicks Rowers To Attend Student Pride
(photos: associated press)
The men at Warwick Rowing have struck gold with their 2014 calendar, their fifth.  Featured on Good Morning, America and The Jonathan Ross Show, the calendar has proved a critical and commercial success around the world. 

Their success was recently confirmed when they picked up no less than TWO National Calendar Awards at London’s prestigious annual awards ceremony.

Now, the boys are returning to London, taking their message of diversity and inclusion to the national Student Pride event, where they aim to raise awareness of Sport Allies, the campaign they have founded to challenge homophobia in sport.

Saturday will see the boys handing out prizes in full racing lycra on stage at 3:30pm as well as manning a stall 12:30pm – 5:00pm where visitors can talk to the boys, ask about the campaign and their own experiences as well as pose for photos.

The rowers will be raising awareness about Sport Allies, the new outreach programme that they have funded and launched with help from UK registered charity EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia and major professional services firm, EY (Ernst & Young).  Sport Allies aims to support young people to define and express themselves, particularly in relation to their sexuality, without fear of prejudice.  Working on the calendar project has brought the need for this programme home to Laurie, one of this year’s biggest stars:

“Working on the calendar and the development of Sport Alllies has given me a chance to meet people from the LGBT community that I might not otherwise have met.  To hear their experiences of being bullied, of struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, has been both moving and shocking.  I hope that our calendars and our films can help things to change.  Not just by funding our outreach work, but by making a statement.  We embrace everyone who enjoys the calendars and films, whatever their gender or sexuality.  We had fun creating them and we want everyone to have fun looking at them.  It’s all good!”

The affirmative tone and message of the Warwick Rowers products have found favour among both male and female fans around the world.  Tweets, blogs and emails are already flooding in about the new film:  “All I can say is WOW!!!!  You should be so proud”; “This years’ video is OUTSTANDING!! I love it”; “What a great film! You’ve captured camaraderie and youthful exuberance, as well as hotness – and in a way that isn’t creepy!”; “This is beautiful!  I’m buying two copies: one for my daughter, and one for my gay son.” ; “Good grief. The first minute alone! I need to lie down.”

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