Saturday, January 18, 2014


Scott Carlson & Liev Schreiber Launch Van's General Store
Van's General Store is a hybrid creative collective. A modern agency model that crafts advertising, content, experiences, products, package design and fine art in the service of brands and the public. After collaborating for years, advertising vet and artist Scott Carlson and actor, director, writer Liev Schreiber opened the collective as a response to the growing need for cohesive master narratives - brand story arcs that can be told and built upon regardless of platform; and employing imaginative activations so they don't get lost in translation from strategic vision to creative expression. The collective's members include a group of industry leaders including directors, strategists, screenwriters, scriptwriters, cinematographers, producers, photographers, music makers, designers and dreamers of all kinds united by a love of good storytelling. The VGS office, located in the Lower East Side of New York City, also boasts a storefront space that will function as a pop-up shop for clients, artists and friends. An experiential crash pad for great ideas that need a good home. Visit for more.
Just this year Van's General Store was named Agency of Record for NERGIA, a new 100% natural energy shot created by America's Naturals. VGS was pleased to unveil the first creative for the product early this fall which focuses on communicating the brand's mission to provide premium energy that's both convenient and healthy. Treasured individually for their restorative and healing properties, NERGIA's organic ingredients - Guarana seeds, Açaí berries and Catuaba bark - have all been sustainably harvested and bottled for a pure boost of clean energy; the way Mother Nature intended. The glass packaging is both recyclable and prevents the chemical properties of plastic leaking into the product (and ultimately your body). Visit for more.

Additional Van's General Store clients include VespaBon JoviMotoGuzziOptimum and Success Academy Schools.

"Scott is an intensely creative person. I have always admired that. I spent some time watching him do his thing and just felt very excited by it. I've always liked this business-- maybe even more than he does. When Scott and I began to discuss his vision and the importance of narrative, it just became really clear that this company would be a great way for us to try out some new ideas while exploring and expanding on some old ones. For me, VGS satisfies a couple of desires. The first is to work with a friend. The second is to develop a business idea that builds on creativity and finds new ways to solve some relatively old problems." - Liev Schreiber, VGS

"Brand work is often siloed at traditional agencies and this was a primary reason for starting Van's General Store. Under the old model, you do not always have the best creatives for the client. What interests me is brand stories and the different methods utilized to tell those tales. Whether it's an established brand that requires a new chapter or an emerging product that is just beginning -- that's what we do well here. Liev is a great storyteller. As an actor, writer, and director he allows us to take brands to places traditional agencies wouldn't think of. Our agency is a collective combining my history in marketing and his in entertaining. It allows us to craft bespoke teams together to tell the right tale. Whether it's Academy Award winning writers or directors we may bring in to pull emotional heartstrings or the exploration of the uncharted, we will remain true to the brand's strategy and it's DNA."  - Scott Carlson, VGS

View the films:
Energy is only worth what you do with it. The Naturals testimonial series seeks to find those who push themselves beyond everyday demands - who sometimes even make it look easy. The NERGIA idealists who insist on healthy living in their ongoing pursuit of balance and happiness. Patience, commitment and a whole lot of power, surfing takes as much stamina as it does concentration and humility. To learn about how surfers maintain their energy levels in the water VGS & NERGIA traveled to San Onofre, CA, home to one of the premiere surf breaks in the United States. They met five female surfers with various ability and let them do their thing. After a couple hours, as they needed a boost of energy, the girls tried NERGIA and monitored their body's reaction. Cameras rolled.

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