Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See You 2013, Hello 2014 in Hawaii

WELCOMING 2014 in Honolulu
(photos: Binzento)
I can't believe it's been been more than two weeks since my last post. Despite my completion of my grad studies, the busy schedule and on-going projects have kept me away from writing on my blog. Realizing that "work" is never finished, I've decided to take a small vacay in Honolulu with the Tollerud family -- so this is going to be a short post in the midst of my vacation mode. The sun and blue sky, and the beach is exactly what I needed contrary to the harsh and snowy winter in YYC. The lack of vitamin D in YYC has knocked me some depression, this getaway will definitely help re-energize my mind and body. 
I spent most of my time in the first couple days in Honolulu relaxing and going to the beach. We had a fabulous dinner last night at Roy's - a popular Hawaiian fusion cuisine restaurant, which is also heavily influenced by Japanese traditions. The chef's beats salad and "Simply Vegan" dish were simiply amazing.
Today is the last day before welcoming the year 2014. My biggest new year's resolutions are getting more sleep and of course continue bringing interesting stories on Binzento Vincente. There are many exciting things lined up for the blog in the coming year and I can't wait to share them after I get back from my vacation. Tonight prior to the fireworks and count-down here at the Ko'Olina beach, we will be heading to a show by Bill Maher, the famous American stand-up comedian and political commentator. For now, I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and BEST WISHES in the new 2014! xx

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