Monday, October 14, 2013

Reebok FitHub Keeps Calgarians Stylishly Fit

Reebok Opens Flagship Canadian Store Designed to 
Inspire a Fitness Generation
(photos: Binzento; Reebok press)
Reebok continues its mission to empower people to be fit for life with the launch of Canada's first ever Reebok FitHub retail concept store at CrossIron Mills, one of Calgary’s premier shopping destinations. Designed to inspire people to move, to train, to get fit and have fun doing it, the Reebok FitHub concept offers a new way of thinking about fitness and is the destination for those dedicated to living a fit lifestyle.
The retail store, which is the first of its kind to open in Canada, is inspired by elements found in fitness studios and CrossFit boxes around the country. Like a gym, the environment is raw, creative and innovative with customers being immersed in fitness as soon as they enter the store.
All FitHub staff are passionate about health and fitness and have a strong fitness background enabling them to work with customers to help them select the best products for their workouts, as well as provide training tips and general health and lifestyle advice.
“We’re extremely excited to have opened the first Reebok FitHub retail concept in Canada," said Michael Rossi, VP of Reebok Canada. "This new merchandising model is a great brand statement to prove Reebok’s commitment to getting people active. It will give the city of Calgary a full fitness experience like no other, inspire people to get moving and ultimately become a desirable destination for the fitness community.”
Reebok FitHub ambassadors Andy O'Brien and Tommy Europe

Binzento was invited to the FitHub's opening media event, where Reebok ambassadors Tommy Europe (3-time CFL All-Star and personal trainer) and Andy O'Brien (president of HumanDynamix Health and Wellness and NHL player Sidney Crosby's personal trainer) gave insights on their personal training experience and health awareness. Reebok's classic footwear was something I desired since a child in phys ed classes, and my mother would picked them for me as her first choice. Now seeing the Reebok classic again brought back a whole lot of childhood memories. Apparels were also produced in quality suitable for high performance athletes, with time-less designs to stay stylishly modern.

To encourage Calgarians to get active, Reebok will also be offering a range of inclusive sessions led by health and fitness experts from within the Reebok community. This will include a number of free weekly workouts at the FitHub, details of which will be available via the Reebok Community Board in-store.
The store is not just a shopping destination but is also designed to be a social hub for fitness communities. The Reebok Community Board is a place where customers can learn how to get involved with local events, discover new workouts and learn about local gyms and instructors. At the centre of the store is the ‘Fit Desk’, where fitness enthusiasts can learn about Reebok and its latest product technologies.
The store will carry pinnacle product from Reebok’s Fall/Winter 2013 collections specifically made for fitness. This premium footwear and apparel collections feature Reebok's top-of-the-line technologies and materials, allowing for optimal performance and comfort. 
Canada’s first Reebok FitHub concept store is part of an ever-expanding global network of concept stores, which includes the U.S., UK, Korea, Russia and Dubai. The growth in the number of FitHubs is more than just an expanding number of stores; it represents Reebok as a brand, aiming to empower people to get fit for life and to give them the tools they need to do this. Whether it is Running, Dance, CrossFit or Yoga, Reebok aims to bring people together to experience fitness in a way that is different, challenging and rewarding.

For more information on Canada’s first Reebok FitHub please visit:
Reebok FitHub retail concept store at CrossIron Mills Mall, Calgary
Additional notes about Reebok FitHub retail store at CrossIron Mills Mall:
Store facts:
                Store measures 3,000 square feet
                Just under 6,700 units of Reebok apparel stocked in store
                Just over 2,700 pairs of footwear stocked in store
                700 units of Reebok accessories and socks stocked in store
Store Design:
           The store design takes inspiration from CrossFit boxes and the gym environment including, fixtures that replicate gym equipment, audio tracks specially selected for workouts, genuine gym flooring construction and functioning plyometric jump boxes as seating
        This is a true fitness hub, where Reebok encourages active try-on so the consumer can experience how the products will benefit them
           The till features a Fit Desk for consultation about fitness training and appropriate product
Store Manager – Richard Tyrell:
          Volleyball player: Three years of college volleyball for Sir Sandford Fleming College
          Current member of the Men’s National Irish Volleyball Team
          A fitness and health enthusiast, Richard has recently began CrossFit training and is looking forward to his first Reebok Spartan Race in 2014
Store Staff:
       All staff have a fitness background and have been selected based on their experience in sports and retail

Reebok FitHub retail concept store at CrossIron Mills Mall, Calgary

Reebok FitHub retail concept store at CrossIron Mills Mall, Calgary

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