Monday, October 7, 2013

PARKluxe 2013 - Moving, Matured, Marvelous

(photos by: Binzento)
PARK's annual luxury fashion show PARKluxe 2013 concluded past Saturday at Calgary's Telus Spark Science Centre.  The evening can be summarized on with "three M's" - Moving, Matured, Marvelous. YYC has come a long way in everything else other than oil and gas. PARK's dedication in building the professional platform for fashion, art and culture in this city is truly moving. PARKluxe 2013 is a great example of how something started as a dream from a group of passionate individuals matured into one of the most (perhaps the only) successful non-profit fashion organizations in Calgary. The selection of Telus Spark venue and many contributing sponsors proved PARK's ability to reach out to various networks, shaping the community as a whole. The distinctive decor such as the "hanging beads" art installation by artist Kirk Dunkley, local designers selection, models from Model Models and Sophia Models International, music by DJ Mikey Da Roza and the overall organization was simply marvelous. There were seven designer showcases separated into two parts, which include: 

Part I:  minimalism Nicole Campre

histronic Anne b. Accessories

chic Malorie Urbanovitch

and Part II: fresh-culture Tanya Taylor

modern-warrior Lauren Bagliore

cozy Paul Hardy (Lamb Slaughtered), 

ethnic Laura Siegel
I wouldn't say all the collections were perfect, as you could see in front row the seams were not fully sealed (unless it was intentional) and loose threads hanging, but none-the-less everything was cohesive and there was a story to be told and understood. My favorite showcase of the evening was Lauren Bagliore. The complexity and details of her work reflected her expertise with garments. The runway was one of the longest I've seen with PARK's fashion show. It was quite impressive, but perhaps I liked the way it was set up in PARKshow 2012, where the runway was done in segments making the show seem less 'lengthy'. Overall the night was fantastic, and I would like to congratulate PARK's success - I know it will only get better and better, and is a full-front supporter.

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