Friday, October 25, 2013

Chatting Fashion, Health, and Blogging with Jeanne Beker

Chatting Fashion, Health, and Blogging with Jeanne Beker
(photo source: Elle Canada)
Fashion icon from Canada – first person that comes to my mind is none other than Jeanne Beker. Growing up watching Fashion Television, Jeanne had played an important role connecting Canadians that were interested or working in the fashion realm to the rest of the world.  She will be honored with an award at the 2014 Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) for her consistent contribution to Canadian fashion, a well-deserved recognition. As a new participant in the fashion media myself, becoming one of Jeanne’s fans and idolizes her as an example to follow is, to me, inevitable.

In a new era of social media robust with fashion bloggers, Jeanne thought this is a wonderful time allowing everyone the opportunity with “freedom of speech and expressions”. However she also felt it’s essential to have people that are experts in the industry to pertain the basis. “Sometimes when there are too many voices, it becomes too noisy.” said Jeanne, “I think it is important also to have a frame of reference.”

As much as the fashion is a challenge for most of us in Canada, what kept Jeanne inspired constantly over the years is the dynamicity in the industry. Although fashion cycles, it always comes back with changes – it’s what kept Jeanne going, being able to “keep (her) eyes in future”. Her passion for fashion and what she does “makes her feeling young” and energetic.

In addition to being an expert on how to look beautiful in clothing, Jeanne is also an advocate staying healthy. “Our look depends on how we feel inside.” Jeanne said when asked about her beauty tips. “Other than eating healthy, keep yourself hydrated, vitamins and exercise, sleep is super important. When I was younger, I didn’t think of it as a priority, and it’s something I find many young people nowadays forget.” Proper rest helps your body and mind to rejuvenate, “I can’t stay sharp at my work when I lack sleep.” Another way Jeanne has taken care of herself is by keeping her immune system in check. She has recently become a supporter of adult immunization for preventable diseases. “As we age, our immune system is not as good as it used to be, we really need to take precaution”. Jeanne explained she has lost a friend due to complications of pneumonia, and this could’ve been prevented if her body could fight the disease.

In the current fashion scene, Jeanne thinks in this day-and-age it’s the time of “anything goes”. We are no longer victimized in fashion as the society is leaning towards the idea of individualism. People want to be themselves, and want to look different – we may not be using the term “trends” anymore.  However, for this F/W, Jeanne is telling us we will be seeing styles that give rise to a luxurious feel. Items such as capes, pea coats, and knitwears juxtapose to leather work are hits, bringing the cozy and rich elements. Colors such as burgundy and deep plum, alternative to all the pastel colours we saw early on will be evident. Graphic tees with the mod 60’s and dark theme, and strong denim will also be one of this season’s favorites.

Spending this time chatting about fashion, health, and blogging with Jeanne was inspiring. Binzento will look forward to seeing Jeanne at the CAFA 2014 in February.

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