Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/26 The Party To Die For

10/26 The Party To Die For
(photos by: Binzento)
Planning on going to Halloween parties tonight? I still remembered mine past Saturday at Belgo YYC - #ThePartyToDieFor 10/26 - an zombie apocalypse theme Halloween party hosted by the Social Committee (Katy Bond and Derek MacDonald). It's not just a silly costume party, it's some serious business - like getting body search by "medical doctors" making sure you are not infected by the zombie virus. Becareful though, you might still get bit by one throughout the night. Oh…and of course the zombie dance floor can't happened without some Michael Jackson's Thriller sequence. I wasn't really prepared to dress as my alter ego, whatever that is. At least people there took serious time making their costumes. There were some really creative ones, and I was super impressed. Honestly it was one of the better parties I went to since…. 2009… when someone claimed it was going be the end of the world?
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