Monday, September 16, 2013

It's More Fun #OnTop with Pinnacle - Chance To Win A Trip To NYC

Binzento's #OnTop Party Contest - Sponsored By Pinnacle Vodka
(photos by: Binzento)
Having been bombarded with a tightly packed schedule in the last couple months, I don't even recall when was the last time I had a fun night out with my besties. Thanks to Pinnacle Vodka, who'd recently contacted me to collaborate a 'Binzento's Pinnacle Vodka Party' and sent me via FedEx last week, all the party essentials including: snacks, treats, party props, drinking glasses, party tray, soft drinks and last but not least PINNACLE VODKA - which came in three flavors, original (unflavored), Whipped cream, and Red Licorice
The ladies and I tried mixing a few creative drinks - a tropical inspired cocktail with a shot of whipped, pineapple juice, orange soda and a hint of cherry syrup and squeezed lemon drops. I was never a big fan of overly sweet cocktail, but this one was actually quite refreshing. Perhaps because ultra clean Pinnacle Vodka is actually quite smooth and extremely mixable.

After trying out the Pinnacle Vodka package myself, now is YOUR chance to host your own Pinnacle Vodka Party and a chance to win a trip to New York City >>>>> Pinnacle Vodka will award three of Binzento's readers the Ultra Party Package. All you have to do is to tweet @Binzento on twitter with hashtag #OnTop. Three lucky winners will be notified via my return tweet and will be awarded the Pinnacle Vodka Ultra Party Package mailed to your home. When you receive the party pack, be sure to submit a photo of you inspired by Pinnacle Vodka to for a chance to win a trip to NEW YOK CITY! Twitter contest ends September 17th before midnight EST.

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