Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dd Regalo - The Dreamer Painter, An Interview

One-on-One Interview with Dd Regalo, The Dreamer Painter
(photos courtesy: Dd Regalo)
The major vehicle that is keeping Binzento Vincente alive is the vast creative space it explores and the countless number of people that touched the blog with their inspirations. In addition to my love for discovering new emerging fashion designers, perhaps getting to know the minds of artists have become one of my hobbies and subject to write about. By chance, I met a fascinating individual last summer who lives to dream, and dreams to live. His name is Danny Regalo Campos (artist name: Dd Regalo) – an avid painter who just recently discovered his passion for creating art, and a perfect example of somebody who believes no one should be trapped thinking each person is destined for one career path. His freethinking persona can be seen through his paintings, which primarily consist of abstract expressionism allowing observers to settle with their own interpretations, but at the same time given substantial hints to guide them to understand his objectives. I had visited Dd Regalo work space at the Gorilla Live Art Studio, a multi-artists collaborative art studio located on 14th Street, couple times while he was in town. I was inspired by his focus to create each art piece, and amazed by his natural talent even though he was never exposed to any form of art school training. Before he left Calgary again to his next adventure, I decided to work out an interview with him

Binzento: Why the name Dd Regalo, and why did you decide to excel in art?

Dd: “Dd stands for danny darko, which stems from the source of my art: my darkness. Darkness to me is the place from which I draw my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This is the source of my essence, my passion, my art.

I am a first generation Canadian born in Calgary, Alberta in 1984. My parents immigrated to Calgary from Portugal in their late twenties because my father loved the mountains and have remained here ever since. The rest of my family is in Portugal, where I have visited several times throughout my life.

My passion is art, more specifically painting, but I used to be a musician and have recently been writing poetry as well. Having a creative outlet is number one in my life. Whether its writing a song, a poem, sketching, or painting, there's always something I need to say, express, or just get out. So I do.”

Binzento: What’s your inspiration and any particular artist(s) that you like?

Dd: “My artwork is an expression of my experiences, emotions, and desires. It's abstract. Messy. But I like that and there's a liberty to it in that I feel like I can never make a mistake. It's all part of the work, like life, we can't erase our marks, we just move on with them. 

I've been inspired by many artists since I've started painting but the most important ones would be Jean Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly, and....Willem de Kooning. I recently went to see a Basquiat show in New York and it was insane. Awesomeness.”

Binzento: What exactly is the Gorilla House Live Art Studio and how did it start?

Dd: “I paint at Gorilla House Live Art Studio located on 15 ave and 14 st SW in Calgary. The studio was founded by Rich Theroux in the summer of 2012 and just had its first year anniversary. Its an art gallery that also provides stidio space for several artists. Every Wednesday they host a themed art battle that also includes a live auction at the end. I've personally seen some amazing art completed in a couple hours and sold right there for a steal of a price. Awesome vibe, great people, good times.”

Binzento: What is your personal sense of fashion?

Dd: “I like nice things. If I could afford to go boutique shopping everyday I would. Instead I like to buy things when I'm travelling, unique items that I can't get at home. I also do some online shopping when I can't get on a plane. In terms of style I like originality. There also has to be a little edge. in terms of items, i like pants and shoes. Fitted, different textiles for the pants and the kicks gotta say something...doesn't have to be loud but I usually like people to notice them. And you'll find me with some kind of hat and sunglasses too. Stay true and do you.”

Binzento: Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Dd: “For fashion houses I like DSquared and Givenchy. I don't have a favorite designer in particular but a friend of mine has some pieces from a designer named Essa Walla that works in Dubai. He's got a unique color palette and I dig what he does.”

Binzento: What are some of your current projects?

Dd: “I've just finished a couple commission works as well as a live painting for Deliver Good's Calgary Unsung Heroes Awards. I'm painting all the time so it never stops...except to write this interview. My subsequently event was a fundraiser event for cancer in September.

Binzento: Your most unforgettable moment?

Dd: “The best part of painting is when you show someone what you've painted and you see their face open up and start taking in what they're looking at. It's the reaction, what it makes someone feel that I like the most about what I do.”

Binzento: What is your future direction?

Dd: “I am now in Chongqing, China to teach English as well as expand my horizons as an artist. Asia is an amazingly diverse place and I think it will be a huge source of inspiration as well as exposure. Like any big change I'm nervous and excited...but mostly excited...and the best part is that I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.”

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