Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FILMography - An Interview With Christopher Moloney

Reliving Famous Movie Scenes With Christopher Moloney's FILMography
(All photos are the creative work, and owned by Christopher Moloney. For more photos, please visit FILMography blog HERE)
Whoever follows my social media might recall my constant brag about stumbling upon a neat photography blog on Tumblr called FILMography recently. If you have no idea what I am talking about, FILMography is a creative project by Christopher Moloney who goes to different sites of famous movie scenes. With one hand holding a screencap photo from a movie scene, he superimposes it to the exact location where that scene took place, and photographs it as a first person point of view. The unique idea of this project has attracted the interest of many people purchasing these photographs from Moloney. As soon as I started talking about it on my updates, I had editors from other parts of the world sharing this latest find of mine as well. As a new fan to Moloney’s work, it’s a great pleasure to have an interview with him on

B = Binzento; C = Christopher Moloney

B: Tell us about your journey as a photographer. When did you start? and what kind of photography do you do?

C: “I'm not really much of a photographer.  Other than the shots I've done for FILMography I rarely take pictures.”

B: When did the project FILMography came about? and how did this idea initiated? and what was the inspiration behind it?

C: “About a year ago I noticed that my office was next to the spot where the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appeared in "Ghostbusters."  I printed off a shot from the movie, held it up and snapped a photo.  I posted the shot on Facebook and my friends and family really seemed to enjoy it so I did more.  Now I've recreated more than 500 scenes.”

B: What sort of process is required to ensure the accuracy and preciseness of these photographs?

C: “Originally I was choosing iconic scenes to do but now I realize it's best to pick scenes that will be easy to recreate.  Shot selection is important.  I try to pick scenes that have something that needs to be completed - a crack in a wall, tiles on the floor, etc.  Also, if the scene takes place outdoors it's best to wait for a day that isn't too sunny or windy.”

B: It's amazing that you are able to pin these locations specifically, does it require multiple attempts to get the image you want?

C: “It used to take me a lot of attempts to get a shot I'm happy with.  But I've been doing it for more than a year now, I've got my reps in, so now I can usually do it in 2 or 3 attempts.  That said there are still times where I get frustrated.

B: Most of these photos were located in New York, have you thought of traveling to different cities or even countries for future projects?

C: “I try to do them wherever I am.  I live in New York which is why it probably seems like they're all in Manhattan.  But I've done a bunch in Toronto, Canada (where I'm from) and a dozen or so in San Antonio, Los Angeles and Italy.”

B: Of all the photos so far, do you have one or set in particular you enjoyed the most?

C: “The one from "Annie Hall" is still my favourite one.”

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