Monday, July 29, 2013

FERKNOT - Young Entrepreneurs Find Silver Lining In Luxury Fashion

Canadian Fashion Label Conquers Adversity and Materializes with Magnificence
(photos courtesy: FERKNOT)
After triumphing over catastrophic setbacks, three freshmen in fashion - Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruchlmann and Rick Taylor - are poised to revolutionized style with their Toronto-based label, FERKNOT.

Initially specializing in bespoke tailoring, FERKNOT is presenting major growth in North America, now offering standard-sizes for both men and women in a diverse collection of garments. They are also expanding from within and fostering their name through sound leadership, publicity and marketing. Currently, FERKNOT is in the midst of launching a number of promotional events, including pop-up shops set for autumn of this year. "We took a lot of risks to get here," reveals president and co-founder Jorge Calderon, "But we anticipated success given the strength of our brand and the quality of our product." From their online store they continue to develop through experience, setting sights on eventually opening their own flagship store.
FERKNOT's yacht club placard has become their signature image but it has not always been smooth sailing for the trio. "We were blindsided," recalls co-partner Rick Taylor, as he recounts the flood that swept through Bangkok, destroying the company’s Thailand warehouse. The devastation led all of their investors to jump ship, leaving the company staring into the abyss. Still, the partners persevered with youthful resiliency, combining Jorge’s talent for brand management and Ryan and Rick’s backgrounds in finance. “We had to ride the wave and start over from scratch,” explains Calderon. In less than three years, FERKNOT has not only managed to regain the momentum it lost, but used this setback as a building block to a stronger partnership.

FERKNOT's ability to take hard hits and recover with ferocity gives it an edge where other companies may fall short. The entrepreneurs' themselves prove they are truly the embodiment of the FK image - determined, confident and assertive. FERKNOT is not only about Canadian fashion; it's about molding a generation who embark on each day with confidence in who they are, where they're going, what they have and what they want. FERKNOT demonstrates that accepting failure and having the willpower to see beyond it, is the key to success. Simply put, FERKNOT is about igniting ambition with style.
FERKNOT Backgrounder
Best friends and Western University classmates Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruehlmann and Rick Taylor founded FERKNOT, pronounced with a silent ‘K,’ in 2011. The three partners saw an opportunity in made-to-measure clothing and fashioned the label from the bottom-up. The young and ambitious embodies style with conviction for every occasion. Those who fit FERKNOT vision are the first to seize the day and the last to toast the night goodbye. FERKNOT is the man who runs an empire and the woman who captivates an audience. Their clothing currently retails online at You can also access their content at

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