Saturday, July 6, 2013

"A little less conversation" - An Eco-friendly Jewelry Collection by Myriam B and Mario Salvucci

Myriam B x Mario Salvucci - An Eco-Friendly Jewelry Collection
(photos courtesy: Myriam B and Mario Salvucci)
Italian jewelry designers Myriam B and Mario Salvucci have opened up and spoke on behalf of our mother nature. It’s not uncommon when two talented, and socially aware designers come together and launch beautifully crafted jewelries that tell stories of the nature surrounding us.
designers: Myriam B x Mario Salvucci

The collection, called “a little less conversation”, is a message from Myriam B and Mario Salvucci, giving us a reminder to “take action” and “talk less” when it comes to saving our planet.  By recycling and re-using materials, they produced a series of accessories that mimicked some of the rhythms of our nature’s specimens such as insects, flowers and other plants. On a deeper level, the designers also wanted to celebrate the beauty of these specimens, which they believe were victims of nature destruction.

A little less conversation” includes the exquisite craftsmanship by Mario Salvucci who works with recycled silver, and a master of creating the dark and haunting elements in his designs. On the other hand, Myriam B adds tenderness to these pieces by incorporating semi-precious gems and inorganic corals and feathers. Together the partnership produced a collection that is extraordinary, charming, lively, and eco-friendly – a gift of our mother nature.

As a celebration of Myriam B and Mario Salvucci co-branding for this exclusive project, a public presentation will be held between July 8th – 10th 11:00 am – 7:00pm at ASPECIFICO atelier MyriamB – via degli Ausoni, 7 (ex Pastificio Cerere) – Rome, Italy. +39 0644361305.

At the event there will also be renowned Montefalco wine company Scacciadiavoli along with the delicious and surreal creations made by the young food-artist Francesca Silveri in collaboration with Forno San Feliciano di Foligno.

Not in Italy? You can still visit the designer’s website for details:
Myriam B. and Mario Salvucci (, )
Info: Myriam Bottazzi +39 393 2360433 and Mario Salvucci +39 340 9833815

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