Friday, June 28, 2013

Paris - Outtake

Paris - Outtake
(Photos by: Binzento)
I've had a marvelous stay in Paris. Thanks to the kind friends that were there - first and foremost - Paul Scott, who's been a wonderful host taking me to finest traditional French cuisine experience. He has a cufflinks blog (Cufflink Catholic) - very philosophical, and I think everyone should take a look some time. Then I have to thank Rebecca Voight (fashion writer) and Livio Facchini (fashion PR - Public Image PR), both of whom I met at the Be Next Fashion Design competition in Georgia. Rebecca had gave me insights and inspiration as a fashion writer, while Livio has a showroom full of clothings I want :). Finally, last but not least, Emilie Lizzycasalou the French blogger (Lizzy Casa Lou Blog) that we instantly became chatty-buddies - She brought me to photoshoots, local fashion scene, and even shared her stories about promoting the up-and-coming fashion designers. Paris - it won't be my last time seeing you I am sure, so until then - Merci.

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