Thursday, June 27, 2013

Binzento in Paris - Esther Bonte Silk Scarves Presentation

Binzento in Paris - Esther Bonte Silk Scarves Presentation
(Photos by: Binzento)
Esther Bonte

Summer is a busy time of year with loads of outdoor activities lined up here in YYC, one that is happening right now  (for many of us) is lending a helpful hand to restore our city to its former glory, after experiencing last week’s headline-news-worthy flood. Following to that – it’s Stampede baby! Suddenly I realize that I have not talk much about my Paris trip on my blog. I was thinking fashion things of course. While I was in Paris, I met up with one of the fellow French bloggers, Emilie, who reads my blog. In fact, her blog Lizzy Casa Lou had interviewed me last year. She invited me to local designer, Esther Bonte’s latest silk scarves fashion show.

Esther Bonte silk scarves are more than just textile accessories around your neck. In her latest collection, she revealed how versatile scarfs can be when it comes to incorporating them in your daily wardrobe. I am not just talking about knotting two scarves use that as waist belt or looping folded scarf around bag handles for decoration – what she showed was more than the imaginable: For ladies, large flowy scarfs can be used as capes, or a dress that stands like draped garment, and even bikinis. For guys, fold it into a bandeau and wrap it around hats, and use it as bowties or neckties for both formal and semi-formal preppy looks.

All of Esther Bonte’s scarves were handmade from Italy. The designs were first hand drawn by her, and later digitally printed on textiles. The local fashion shows in Paris surprisingly reminded me some of the ones I’ve been to here in YYC. It’s a crowd full of energy, passion, and support of independent designers, and their work of art.
For more coverage on Esther Bonte's scarves show - You can also visit my friend Emilie's blog Lizzy Casa Lou blog here.

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