Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest - Binzento's Day 2

BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest - Binzento's Day 2, The Competition
(photos by: Binzento)
Day 2 of my Be Next adventure in Batumi/Kobuleti Georgia perhaps was one of my most memorable times of the entire trip. It was the day of the student contestants’ runway presentation, where we, the invited judges determine who gets the “crown(s)” for their talented fashion design work. I have to say, despite their young age and experience, Georgian fashion students amazed me with their creativity, execution techniques, and most importantly their dedication to, in hope that one day, reach their goals in becoming a successful fashion designer. 
Given the number of participants, who all exhibited skills and talent, crowning the winner as judges was certainly not an easy task. However, we did come to our consensus and we believe these students will benefit from the scholarships being offered to build their fashion career in the near future. There were a hand full of prizes given – each providing the winner to travel abroad such as London, Paris and Milan for mentorships, and even creating a capsule collection opportunity. 
Though on average they were all very good, my top 3 favorite competing collections however, were by Tiko Paksashvili, Galib Gasanov, and Marita Mamuchashvili. Of course there were imperfection in the current works by these students, but their hard work and courage to present their passion in front of judges and audience from various parts of the world deserve a special gold star.

Below are a representative piece by each of the student contestant:

Tamar Bochikashvili

Tiko Paksashvili


Elene Kakhishvili


Tasa Tabagari

Tapo Shotadze

Mariam Gvasalia

Teona Gagloeva

Marita Mamuchashvili

Tamta Shindelishvili

Galib Gasanov

Tamar Tsulaia


Tekla Gurgenidze

Teona Ubilava

Salome Mkheidze

Tamar Chabukiani

Bela Butskhikidze

Lasha Devdariani

Kseniya Kramarenko

Jean Gristfeldt

Yana Chervinska

Yulia Yefimtchuk

Irina Dzhus

…and check out some of our "behind the scenes" photos :)

That's it for now…stay tuned for more Be Next Fashion Design Contest review and coverage :)

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  1. Wow.What a lovely posters.I love the collection of the designer's specially Kseniya Kramarenko,Aleksandre,Tiko Paksashvili..It's something different and trendy.