Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest - Binzento's Night 1

BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest - Binzento's Night 1
(photos by: Binzento)
After a period of long travel, I finally arrived Kobuleti, Georgia yesterday afternoon to attend the BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest. Fashion designer Rad Hourani and his travel companion Frederick H were on the same flight as mine flown from Istanbul, Turkey. It was a thrill to finally met Rad Harouni in person, since I was very much inspired by his recent collection.
We arrived at the beautiful, but somewhat isolated Georgia Palace Hotel, greeted with the warmest welcome thanks to the arrangements by the organizer Sofia Tchkonia. I was also very glad to see my team Stephan SAnano D, and George JB at the scene.  

My first night at the BE NEXT Fashion Design Contest consisted of meeting other fashion editors, photographers and stylists from all over Europe, then a fashion presentation by Datuna Sulikashvili at the Opera House an hour away from the hotel in Batumi. The designs in Sulikashvili's collection carried a heavy Euroasian ethnic vibe. It's definitely a distinct contrast with collections I would see by Canadian designers back home. The official designer contest will be held the following night - stay tuned for more of my coverage of BE NEXT soon! :)

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