Friday, May 31, 2013

Holt Renfrew Launched H Project

Holt Renfrew Launched H Project Pilot in-Shops Cross Canada
(photos by: Binzento; stock photos: Holt Renfrew)
I was recently invited to visit Holt Renfrew's new in-store concept called the H Project. Various heavily ethnic culture inspired fashion ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories, beauty products and stationary were introduced that day, and also live demonstration of silk screening process by artisans was shown.
Holt Renfrew Director of Brand Strategy, Alexandra Weston

The in-store concept is led by Holt Renfrew's Director of Brand Strategy, Alexandra Weston. She describes the H Project as "extraordinary in a number of ways" - It's a celebration of talented international designers, who are also lovers of the world. These designers were selected based on the criteria of their designs, materials used (ie: eco-friendly and recycle materials) and above all, able to tell compelling stories that will impact our society. 
The H Project's infrastructure is a collaborative work of Holt Renfrew and Janson Goldstein rendering a modern gallery-like space where customers are "invited to discover elements of theatre, art and culture". What's also inspiring about the H Project is that some exclusive products are attached with an "element of sustainability or a charitable component". It's a win-win situation when emerging designers get their deserving exposure from their talents and creativity, while generated sales from purchasing their merchandize are given back to communities in need. 
In terms of designers, the H Project currently launched over 30 brands that have been scouted from around the globe. Among them include: Acca Kappa, Aiayu, Aish, Areaware, Cornelia Guest, FEED, Jenny Bird, Kiondo, Lemlem, Lizzie Fortunato, Lorenza Filati, Made with Love, Me to We, Mercado Global, Michael Roger, Proof, Rodin, Sammy, SU, Swahili Imports, S’Well, The White Briefs, Virginia Johnson and WeWood. The pilot shops are opened at Holt Renfrew Toronto Bloor, Calgary, and Vancouver and will officially launch it's first full concept at Holt Renfrew Toronto Yorkdale in the Fall of 2013.

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