Monday, May 13, 2013

AVEDA - "Born To Style"

AVEDA - "Born To Style" With Ray Civello
(photos by: Binzento)
AVEDA's "Born To Style" scholarship competition provides new talents an opportunity to acquire the skill set to become a professional hairstylist. The YYC final competition occurred on April 30th at the AVEDA Institute located at Stephen's Ave. I am sure some of you remembered me posting about the competition via my social media. Now that I finally got some time away from my busy schedule, I can write a small review. 
Prior to the show, I had an opportunity to interview Ray Civello, the CEO & President of AVEDA Institute Canada, and he's also one of the judges of the compeitition. The interview was very different than the ones I've had before. I had no pen, no paper, and no recorder - it ended up more of a "get-to-know-you" conversation with Mr. Civello. I found the interaction was very engaging, and I really enjoyed hearing his experience, and how he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the hairstyling industry in Canada. Mr. Civello told me that it was a coincidence he stepped foot into hair salon business. Perhaps his detail oriented personality, and eyes for the beauty are qualities that made him the perfect candidate to create the work of art for hair, and beyond that, a fashion photographer. Over our conversation, he shared his stories about his travel to Paris, to New York, and people he met. The thing that inspired me the most about Mr. Civello was that he's more than just an artist, he was also an entrepreneur. He told me that there will be times when business just doesn't work out, whether it's due to the economy or any circumstance, you've always got to be flexible for change - Going back to the root of your talent would help. For him, he was very hands-on with his business - even when he was the salon founder, he would cut hair and style his clients. Seeking the opportunity at the right time was equally important as an entrepreneur for Mr. CivelloAVEDA Intitute in Canada was brought about by him in the mid-90's as he visioned Canada the need to be introduced with this concept. Proving AVEDA's success, there are now 15 retail stores and 14 highly successful salons across North America. When asked about his impression of the "Born To Style" contestants, Mr. Civello said he was very pleased with their skills and natural talents which exceeded his expectation. During our talk, we shared many ideas and thoughts about the fashion and styling industries in Canada. Though we had only had a brief 20 minutes, I did learn a few things from him that was truly inspiring. Wished I could chat more with him again in the near future.
Among all the "Born To Style" applicants, top 5 aspiring hairstylists were selected for the final showdown that evening, and each was asked to create one casual stylish look, and one avant garde fashion look. In addition to Mr. Civello, two other judges were involved with the scoring process. They were AVEDA Creative Director Marta Murray, and our very own YYC Vitamin Daily writer Kait Kucy. There were some great hair art talent shown by our YYC finalists despite none of them before received any professional training. The winner of the 2013's "Born To Style" competition was Victoria Pantopoulos-Wang. She received a full scholarship to attend the AVEDA Institute's courses and training. Congratulations Victoria!!
**Special thanks to Kristine Wilkinson for her arrangements during that evening.

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