Sunday, April 28, 2013

Temple St Clair At Holt Renfrew YYC

Fine Jewelry Designer Temple St Clair Carr. Visits Holt Renfrew YYC
(photos by: Katrina Olson-Mottahed)
Past Wednesday, Italian fine jewelry designer Temple St Clair Carr. visited Holt Renfrew YYC introducing her current exquisite collection of Temple St Clair. The colorful gem stones, which were framed by classic but distinctive gold work, also known to be a signature of Temple St Clair, revealed an opulent essence that is timeless. 
Temple St Clair is all about "modern classics jewelry with a story". This is evident to me in this collection showcased at Holt Renfrew, where I sensed the stories of ancient philosophy, spirituality and religion. My favourite piece was the pendant, which almost looked like the shape of a Buddha sitting with lotus pedals radiate around him. 
Designer Temple St Clair Carr. believes that "a true jewel should give something special to the owner beyond its material value: a depth of meaning that is added to and passed on". Perhaps one of these pieces would be the perfect gift for someone who loves you dearly (*hint: Mother's Day?).

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