Monday, April 15, 2013

Sonas Denim - Reviving The Art Of Patchwork

Sonas Denim San Francisco - Patchwork Denim
(photos source: Sonas Denim)
Seems like yesterday when I wore patchwork denim in the mid 90’s. It was a bold move back then, especially when you know everybody else around you are not, I was well prepared to get a few criticisms at school (junior high) for my fashion forward sense at the time. 90’s are back, for quite some time now. Looking back at some of the things I once owned, like that pair of patchwork denim, made me want to revisit it, and so here I discovered Sonas Denim (Sonas San Francisco Jeans).
The birth of Sonas Denim goes in 2001 when founder Gerry Kelly decided to buy a pair of vintage patchwork denim on Haight Street in San Francisco for the annual big party called The Burning Man (the one I really wanted to go last year :)) held at the Nevada desert. That pair of vintage patchwork denim became his “party-pants” to The Burning Man in subsequent years. Unfortunately, it finally met its end and completely fell apart. That however, didn’t stop Gerry from wearing his signature patchwork denim look to The Burning Man. With the help of an Irish bartender who was also a seamstress, Gerry and his wife Christine worked together and designed few models of “Sonas Denim” specifically for Gerry’s passion for the “desert fashion”. Without fail, his homemade patchwork denims got huge compliments from other Burning Man-goers, which requested Gerry to have some made for them.
The increasing demand from fans soon made Gerry realize that his “Sonas Denim” could become a potential business. He took several weeks to optimize the designs and production of Sonas Denim, and the brand soon made its debut in different festivals and trunk shows in California. Luck kicked in when Sonas Denim caught the attention of fashion designer Allan Chevalier who later decided to join Gerry to expand the brand. The story of Sonas Denim was an example of timing and fate, where a combination of events that lead to its success. Like Gerry said the brand is: “Inspired in the desert, born in the Bay, made with a little luck of the Irish in California”.
Sonas Denim carries men’s and women’s line, both focus on comfort, well-fitted shapes, and free-spirited inspiration. Women’s skinny denim line highlights female body curves, and perfect waistline that emphasize sex appeal. For this S/S season, I am actually quite fond of the Delancey Slim in the men’s collection, which pair well with my current love of mesh/transparent tops. Recently, the brand also won the heart of Janice Dickinson who became one of its fans. Sonas Denim graciously offering Binzento Vincente’s readers 20% discount when you purchase Sonas Denim online: Be sure to enter the reader discount code: love2013

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