Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hucklebury - My New Found Online Shirt Shop For Men

Focuses On "Fits For Men"
(photos source: Hucklebury)
If I am asked to list men’s fashion essentials, shirts are definitely on top of the list. A nice pair of well-fitted and ironed shirt can certainly uplift any guy’s persona. Ever since I moved from Hong Kong to Canada, I’ve been having trouble finding suitable fit shirts. Mainly because the North American made ones or their brands does not mold well to my Asian body frame. I honestly dislike when shirts are overly loose around the waistline and flappy under my armpits. Surely, as a fashion blogger, this shouldn’t be a huge issue since I would expected to chase after designs from major fashion houses. Once in a while, I do feel the need to relax a little to search for other options.

Recently I came a cross an online shirt company called Hucklebury. The whole concept of Hucklebury is to provide luxurious quality ready-to-wear shirts that will fit well to the body to provide a sleek look, while paying less than fashion boutiques. All of their shirts were made from high-grade two-fold Egyptian cotton from finest Italian Mills. In terms of designs, their shirt collars had additional bespoke tailoring to prevent collapse. Specifically, they are “canvassed with interlining from outside in and reinforced, thereby eliminating (the collapsing) problem”. They also provide a better fit by focusing on the amount of fabric used in the chest, armhole and waist (exactly addressing the problems I faced with shirts I purchased here).
Founders of Hucklebury, Parag and Dhawal were able to use the same fine quality shirts comparable to big fashion brands while satisfying their clients with affordable prices was because they eliminated the “middle man” and retail distribution costs. They imported these finished goods directly from manufacturers who produced their shirts and designs. Setting up an online-only shop also decrease their overhead costs, and still able to provide flexibility, options and good customer service experience. The Hucklebury website also has a neat blog that offers visual inspiration and style advice on mix-and-matching shirts with other textiles, suits, and accessories. I know that there is growing number of bespoke fashion services out there for men, but Hucklebury is one of the most user friendly online shops I come across thus far. For a busy guy like myself, I like things to be simple, precise, and quick, so I am pretty sold on buying one of their shirts. At least I like it enough to write a blog post about it :). Be sure to check out their website ( to find out more, and perhaps you’ll find something you like for yourself, or for your man of interest.

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