Sunday, March 31, 2013

Western Canada Fashion Week - The Final Night

Western Canada Fashion Week (1st Experience)
(Photos by: Binzento)
Binzento Vincente had an opportunity last week to attend the final showcase of this season's Western Canada Fashion Week (WC Fashion Week) in Edmonton. It was my first time to actually experience the fashion scene my neighboring city had to offer. Given that WC Fashion Week is the longest running fashion week here in Western Canada, and three of my fellow Calgarian designers are showcasing their collections in one night, I thought it would be a great time to pay them a visit and show my unconditional support. 
There were five showcases that evening, which include Calgarian designers and my friends: Malika Couture, KaaDiki and Emogene Couture. Representing Edmonton, there was Stanley Caroll, and ex-Albertan now living in New York Angelique Chmielewski. All of these designers have been around in the local fashion industry for quite some time, and already established its name among Canadian fashions. Malika Couture collection focused on edgy femininity: High waistline floral print jumpsuits or trousers that nicely outlined female body forms paired with leather jackets had highlighted the concept of modern women. KaaDiki did it the playful way - a pop art casual wear concept that brought freshness and energy on runway. Current showcase he'd used eye catching neon stripes that drew the audience attention to his detail oriented work. Emogene Couture was heavily inspired by the 40's - the stepford housewife and golden age Hollywood concept. The craftsmanship was well executed.
Stanley Caroll is no stranger to the YEG fashion scene. It was my first time viewing his collection, which had nearly 50 looks. My impression of the showcase was a mixture of deconstructed, color blocking, and "commoner inspired" designs. The collection was seemingly meant to be for everyone (since he was the only designers that used both actual people and models), and anyone who are not into fashion but would like to take their first step. The night ended with Angelique Chmielewski's Fall 2013 collection. Perhaps her internship in London may have played a role: The showcase was quite Euro- and British-inspired, such as tailored coats, skirts that paired with knee high socks. Could very well be my favourite showcase of the night. It sort of reminded of the vintage Burberry era. Collectively the show was good, and better than I expected. Though the stage was simple and props were minimal, however it was also the things I enjoyed most about the overall experience. It was fashion focused, and the audience were engaged - I think that is what a fashion should be. The night showed you don't necessarily need a huge production to produce a solid fashion show. 

It was also quite nice meet the known bloggers of Edmonton, like The Ordinary Peoples, Dress Me Dearly, and The Realist. You guys were great - thanks for keeping me company throughout the evening.

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