Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stella McCartney AW13/14 and Vivienne Westwood AW13/14 - Paris Fashion Week

Stella McCartney AW13/14
Stella McCartney AW13/14 presentation at the Paris Fashion Week succeeded our expectations with casual feminine designs. Continue to focus on the fluidity of the pieces, provoking the styles of chic modern women, we can also find reminants of British men's tailoring designs in this collection. Over sized garments have been seen regularly on the runway - taking it further, Stella McCartney told that she wanted to redirect this collection to "tradition and classics in masculine British tailoring and taking that volumen and wrapping and cocooning and feminizing by inserting volume and movement".

Vivienne Westwood AW13/14
As a huge fan of the punk queen Vivienne Westwood since childhood, I will be honest that I can get biased when it comes to writing a critique. However, I also couldn't neglect my emotions that her past couple seasons hadn't been all that exciting for me. Perhaps it's time to reinvent new inspirations. Regardless, there is something special with this latest AW13/14 collection. It might be difficult to find a solid cohesive theme, as all the looks can be appreciated individually. We can find Vivienne Westwood's aesthetics in all of the pin-stripe garments, harem pants, capes, silk skirts and knee socks in this collection. Like it or not, Vivienne Westwood is a political artist, and that sort of uniqueness of her work will not change.

**All photo credits: Sonny Vandevelde

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