Friday, February 1, 2013

Stockholm Got Fashion - Altewai Saome and Tiger Of Sweden AW13/14

Stockholm Fashion Shows
Whenever I think of Swedish fashion scene, the first thing that comes to my mind was H&M…but really there is ALOT more about fashion in Sweden than just mass produced retail merchandize. The recent Stockholm Fashion Shows in Sweden was an eye opener for me. Though I haven't paid much attention to it until recently, the Swedish fashion scene and designs have its own unique flavor or presence that makes it stand-out from all the other major fashion shows around the world. Here are a couple designer shows which I enjoyed in this week's Stockholm Fashion Shows. (All photo credits: Sonny Vandevelde)

Altewai Saome AW13/14
Altewai Saome was founded in 2009. This label offers the high fashion by creating eclectic designs, while maintaining the Scandinavian simplicity. I loved the chic emerald green ensemble and oversized architectural looks reminiscing modern elegance.

Tiger Of Sweden AW13/14
Different from Altewai Saome, here is a classic traditional label by the Swedish: Tiger Of Sweden. Well known for its exquisite tailoring for men's wear for nearly a century, Tiger Of Sweden has moved forward with time to create modernized designs that caters inner city fashion conscious crowd. The pieces in AW13/14 based functionality ensuring the timeless traditions of its brand are maintained.

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