Thursday, February 14, 2013


Trying to keep my reviews and posts updated on NYFW, but couldn't forget to review YYC's Glenbow Museum SCHMANCY 2013 event which happened last weekend. People who'd attended doesn't need me to remind them how fun the party was. Months of planning for this event was totally worth it - congratulations to the Glenbow Museum and the SCHMANCY team for the success. I was so happy that so many people saw our five part "what to wear to SCHMANCY" promo videos. Big kudos to our team: Insomnia Art and ESP.

In addition to the ever charismatic Canadian talk show star George StroumboulopoulosSCHMANCY also brought in Rebecca Northan as a surprise guest to the audience. Her and Strombo did a "blind date" skit on stage to discuss the importance of art and culture of Glenbow, and touched base on how to engage young audience to the museum. Of course, we got to know a little bit about the "real life" of Strombo during the live audience question moment.

Like last year, all three floors of the museum were opened to guests. With food, wine and art in place it wouldn't be complete without music - live DJ and bands kept the crowd happy. We also get to see a special performance by our beloved violinist Sophie Serafino. MMmmm that's all I remembered about this evening…….pretty sure I had a little too much to drink toward the end of the night to recall.. :)) I took so many photos, so I think that's good enough to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the night. Until next year SCHMANCY!!

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