Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Time To Bust-A-Move For A Good Cause

Bust-A-Move YYC
Did I tell you Binzento Vincente is one of Bust-A-Move 2013 social media ambassadors? (Or they call it the "BaMbassador":)). Bust-A-Move is a community fundraiser event, celebrating positive advancement for breast health. The movement started in Halifax in 2010 and now had spread across Canada. In YYC, Bust-A-Move is a part of a major health awareness events by the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It's an honor to be a part of it this year - and guess what? Eccentric fitness icon Richard Simmons will be joining the party and busting-a-move with us this Saturday, March 2nd. Well perhaps Mr. Simmons can teach me a few moves, and show me how to stay healthy! :)~
The event will be a challenging one - expecting to exercise or dance for 6 hours straight, each hour will be a different session. To prepare myself - here's a little what I call it the Survival Kit if I wanna stay busting-moves all day:
1. Wrist-band to enter - CHECKED
2. MUST-be neon color gym attire - CHECKED
3. Eccentric shiny-gold color track-suit - CHECKED
4. Water container to stay hydrated - CHECKED
5. Eye-catching fashionable runners - CHECKED
6. Pink Bust-A-Move shoe lace + extra wings accessories - CHECKED
7. "How to Bust-A-Move" guide - CHECKED
8. Jari Love DVD to get started - CHECKED
SEE you BUST-A-MOVERS this Saturday! x

"The most direct way to support the Tom Baker Cancer Centre is through the Alberta Cancer Foundation."
Bust-A-Move (Alberta Cancer Foundation) accepts donation to help fund cancer research and treatment strategies for patients, and to promote positive breast health for women at any time - visit:

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