Thursday, January 24, 2013

SCHMANCY Promo Videos - Behind The Scenes

"…And that's how YOU be fancy at SCHMANCY"
(Photos by: Binzento)
Past weekend me and the lovely crew shot fashion promo videos for the upcoming Glenbow Museum's 2013 SCHMANCY on February 9th. The concept was to show off "what to wear to the SCHMANCY event if you are…". I was told earlier that the tickets were nearly sold out~ so I guess the promo videos will help boosting the hype about SCHMANCY leading to the event, and also for months to come in the near future. We had 5 models that day: 3 of them from Sophia Models International, and we got blogger Rupi Sood and Michael Grant who graciously joined our modeling team. With the help from the Holt Renfrew wardrobe and their stylists Jen Hux, and Caley McKay, we pulled off 5 different looks, each representing a specific personality (stayed tune to find out what they are! :)).
My role in this promo was a presenter for the looks. We finished shooting within 3 hours (which is rare on many occasions)!! Thanks to the professionlism of our creative director of Insomnia Art, Stuart Robinson, our little "nanny" Odessa Bennett, and videographer Paul Spenard. Last but not least, our fabulous hair stylist Michelle Lazo, make-up artist Maria Constanza and Holt Renfrew marketing team Mina Ni. The promo videos will be divided into 5 segments, going on live days prior to SCHMACNY. You'll find out how to be "fancy at SCHMANCY" through our videos so be expected to see them real soon!!! :)~~ 
The SCHMANCY pre-party SCHMANCY Style is happening tomorrow at Belgo Brasserie. There are still some tickets available online until noon tomorrow, and also available for cash purchase at the door. If you are Calgary tomorrow, make sure to come and preview what the vibrant, and exciting SCHMANCY is all about!

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