Friday, January 25, 2013

Bernhard Willhelm AW13/14 and Lanvin AW13/14

AW13/14 Paris Men's Fashion Week came to an end few days ago. I still wanted to look at two very distinct collections that were showcased toward the end of the week.

1. Bernhard Willhelm
During fashion week I’m always eager to see works by Vivienne WestwoodJean Paul Gaultier and Thom Browne, because they always put a collection that is rather unexpected, and full of surprising elements. What I really meant to say is, I really love avant garde designs. They are not necessarily functional, nor would I think I am able to wear them on a regular basis, but it’s inspiring to see these designers think “outside the box” and execute a collection that represents their states of the arts. Bernhard Willhelm AW13/14 is one of these collections that I won’t hesitant to place it in the “avant garde” category. The overall presentation incorporated futuristic punk/rocker element, much reminded me pop-culture Japanese manga/anime series JoJo Bizarre Adventure. It’s very vibrant, and focus highly on animated prints. There are a few interesting pieces, but I wouldn’t say I love them. I think I understood the theme behind this collection, however I find it difficult to capture cohesiveness.

2. Lanvin
Lanvin – to me I always feel a sense a connection of romanticism with this French high fashion house. AW13/14 showcased classic French monsieur attire, and subtle modern aristocrat vibe. The well crafted tailored work complemented by intricate leather materials further portrayed time-less designs. Various shades of grey were used to interpret Lanvin’s inspiration of this coming A/W. Modern sheer colorful dress shirts, and 1800’s inspired French style-inspired footwear interlinked ideas of two very different eras.

(Above all photo credits goes to Sonny Vandevelde)

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