Friday, December 21, 2012

SCHMANCY 2013 Is On Its WAY!/ James Marsden - A Versatile Player

Some of you might remember me mentioning about the upcoming SCHMANCY 2013 event happening on Feb. 9th at the YYC Glenbow Museum. For those who don't know what that is, SCHMANCY is basically a night of experiencing "an entertaining and imaginative evening of art, culture and ideas inspired by (Glenbow's) current exhibitions and collections". It's also a celebration, with more than 1000 attendees, of the past, the present, and the future of art and culture that identified Calgary. You can read about my experience of the event from last year HERE.
Tickets are selling extremely fast (you can still get them HERE), and I know many people have asked to participate this event. This year I am very proud to be a part of the SCHMANCY social media committee. Our social media team (consists of David Wald, Katy Bond, Jade Davis, KO, Cara Azevedo, Michelle Lazo and Abi (Larky Canuck's Blog)) and the Glenbow committee had worked diligently putting together a great campaign. We wished nothing more but a great experience for our guests, as well as raising awareness for the Glenbow Museum. It will be a fabulous event, especially when having George Stroumboulopoulos as the guest of honor.
So… I know some of you might not make it on Feb. 9th, but still wanting to get glimpse of the SCHMANCY --- The Glenbow committee decided to host "SCHMANCY before SCHMANCY" - a pre-SCHMANCY party, which is happening in Jan 2013 at Belgo on Stephen's Ave. There will be a fashion show and live DJ - STAYED TUNE for more details to come!

2. James Marsden - A Versatile Player 
(an interview - DA MAN)
photos by: Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack

Been so grateful to have a new fashion/celebrity photographer friend Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack - for sending me his personal magazine works for my blog Binzento Vincente. Be sure to check out his new mag - Glow Magazine (in-print) launching soon! Below are his shots of James Marsden and interview by DA MAN.
"James Marsden is one of Hollywood's hottest leading men at the moment, appearing in a wide range of TV and film projects at any given time…he's straddling the line between drama and comedy, his competitive nature, and the difficulties of acting with tennis balls."

(click to enlarge)

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