Saturday, December 15, 2012

Local Artists Holiday Sale 2012

Local Talents Show Off Their Work At "Holiday Show & Sale"
This holiday season has been keeping me quite busy - so I haven't been able to write post as much as I wished to. Aside from working on several fashoin-related projects, I've also attended some fabulous events. This one in particular, though I only stayed briefly, it was quite inspirational.

Andrea Blais (jeweller), Andrea Williamson (visual artist), Becky McMaster (contempoary artist), Dena Seiferling (sculptor/illustrator), Jaci Blackwood (painter), Urban Orchard (knitwear designer) are talented local artists who joined forces and decorated YYC an artsy holiday; These artists worked together and hosted a three-day holiday art sale, happened at jeweller, Andrea Blais's home. I've been to a similar event some of these artists organized last year. They are always a great host - a little wine, cheese & crackers, and inspiring artsy chats - what a great way to spend a chill afternoon weekend. Personally I would rather spend time browsing these passionate work, and perhaps pick out a special holiday gift, than get elbowed at the shopping mall :).

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