Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas with Images/ Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss 2012

1. Christmas with Images
(Photos by: Binzento)
Binzento was pleased to be invited to join in the holiday season celebration, hosted by Images International Model Management (IIMM) past Sunday at Sheraton Four Point, YYC. IIMM may have been flying under the radar in the local fashion scene, that's because the founder of the management Pat Collins is specialized in the Asian market. Understanding the tremendous potential and growth in Asia, the management is one of the few that focus on seeking businesses in the Asia region (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore), and building a bridge to connect models with agencies over there. The night was basically a friendly meet and greet with the management, models, friends, and families - enjoying light snacks and beverages provided by Ric's Grill.
Some of the fresh face models from IIMM at the celebration: Anna Dunn, Caprice Albert, Courtney Mark, Elizabeth Harris, Hannah Anderson, Hannah Olsen, Jade Gregresh, Jennifer Bugera, Jerrica Singh, Jessica Simons, Kristina Zaytseva , Sara S, Sheena Singh, Sydney W. Thank you IIMM director/scout Brenda Rains for the invite.

2. Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss
Sunday was definitely a busy day for me (I was invited to 5 events that day, but could only attend to 3 of them). I decided to go, for the first time, Western Hockey League's annual Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss hockey game. I know, I know… hockey certainly isn't very "fashion" for my blog - but the Teddy Bear Toss is for a good cause! Every year, more than 20,000 teddy bears were donated from this event to under priviledged children and charities, just before Christmas. The rule is, when Hitmen (YYC's major junior hockey team) scores its first goal, the entire crowd would "toss" the teddy bears to the centre of the rink. And of course, there will be times when Hitmen don't score - but we toss anyway after the first period. Sure enough, our local junior hockey didn't disappoint us - Hitmen player Pavlo Padakin score the game's first score at about 13 mins into the game. I've seen the videos from previous year, but never expected it to be this spectacular! Watch the video below:
Now I did record my video too, but here's what I learned from my experience - this is one of those rare occassion you don't want to sit in front rows. Why? basically at this game, you are GUARANTEED get hit in the head by teddy bears thrown from the top. Here is the two culprits that struck my head hard!
My video ended up very shaking as I tried to dodge those "grenades". However, the video was shot at a different sort of angle:
This year marked the 18th year of the tradition - and it's continuing strong, with more than 25,000 teddy bears collected. What a great way to give toys to children, while enjoy "tossing" things this holiday season.

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