Tuesday, November 6, 2012

YYC Uptown 17th Ave Food & Fashion 2012 - Week 5: Ooh La La at 80th & Ivy

 YYC Uptown 17th Ave Food & Fashion 2012 - Week 5: Ooh La La at 80th & Ivy 
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)
2012 Calgary Uptown 17th Ave Food & Fashion continued its 5th Week show, where Ooh La La presented its fashion inspiration, while guests enjoyed astonishing dinning experience at 80th & Ivy. Though my stomach was too full for a second dinner that evening, I did order a nice full-bodied red wine at the bar. I still remember the last time I was at 80th & Ivy not too long ago, which I really liked the Fairwind Farms Cheese Bundles, and my friend certainly enjoyed his Pure Alberta Burger on the menu. I was really happy that I bumped into friend/photographer Jordan Gooden, who just came back from London for two weeks for an assignment.
The fashion show consisted about 15 different "Ooh La La" looks, all styled by Leah Van Loon. The collection featured both feminine and masculine styles. For more feminine inspiration, waist accentuating A-line dresses, made with shimmery and floral pattern fabrics were shown, reminiscing the 50's trend. As for looks that leaned toward to masculinity, we saw buttoned military jackets, business blazers and tailored trousers. 
The venue was 100% booked with no open seats, definitely a night of success bringing out the locals to spend a chill Sunday evening on 17th Ave. Be sure to check out next week's, Week 6 of Uptwon 17th Ave Food & Fashion where Firoz boutique will be showcasing its fashion merchandize at The Met.

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