Saturday, November 17, 2012

Polar Bears Are Coming To YYC Chinook Centre!

A Winter Wonderland Is Coming to Chinook Centre This Christmas
This Holiday season, a few visitors will be joining YYC's Chinook Centre to celebrate the most festive time of year - POLAR BEARS!! No, these are not the typical creatures we know of from the White North, but man-made giant polar bears made by engineers and designers from Heavy Industries and collaborating partner GH+A Design from Montreal. These perforated giants stand about 25 feet in height, and they will begin to "emigrate" themselves to Chinook Centre starting next Friday
with the "father" (designer) of the polar bears - Adam Weir
working on the polar bears (photo source: The Skinny: Heavy Industries Blog)

Chinook Centre and its PR marketing team really took us by surprise. Binzento Vincente and many other local writers/editors received an invite couple weeks prior, which the invitation info only indicated a mysterious secret tour to a winter wonderland. We were asked to arrive at Chinook Centre at in the evening where limousnines, with champaign ready inside, picked us up. We arrived at a location, which I was not familiar of…then I noticed the sign Heavy Industries. That's when I guessed a top-secret Chinook Centre project was about to be revealed :). Sure enough, everyone was very surprised when they saw the magnificent bears - Sarah Geddes was not kidding when she said we are "heading to the zoo… <3". I also got a chance to meet the designer of the bears/Heavy Industry - Adam Weir. The project took the team approximately 6 months, not an easy task to finish within that amount of time.
Guests were then escorted to an outdoor tent, where the real party began. The were ice-sculpted bar, tables, comfy sofa with blankets ready for us in case we got too chilly. It was such a fun experience even though it was a cold night, and being able to see first-hand the work of art going in to Chinook Centre by the Heavy Industry. Soo…why are there holes on the bears?? … mmm perhaps it will light up to brighten us with more joy during this Holiday season. #ChinookBear - we will be waiting for your arrival.

Thank for the Peggy Lim and the Chinook Centre team for hosting the fabulous event.

Want to know more details (ie: concept, how it's made) of the #ChinookBear? Make sure to check out Heavy Industries blog: The Skinny HERE.

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