Friday, November 9, 2012

Harry Rosen - Hugo Boss Underground Lounge Event

Harry Rosen - Hugo Boss Underground Lounge Event - Special Performance by Eight and a Half
Brrrrr….Here comes the dreadful Calgary winter - but without it, we wouldn't be as thrilled looking forward to the next spring season. Picking and choosing events to go to is imporant to me, since I much prefer staying in door at this time of year - sipping a glass of wine, meeting great people, and perhaps music? Harry Rosen - Hugo Boss totally satisfied what I wanted few days ago, as they hosted its first Underground Lounge event, and invited critically acclaimed Canadian band Eight and a Half for special live performances. 
The band played hits from their album and I really enjoyed the fluidity of the melody and captivating vocal by Dave Hamelin. The songs had multiple layers of textures that could attract fans of both indie-rock and pop genres. The host of the evening was Citytv's Ted Henley. The event was proven successful, which everyone looked like they had a good time. I had interesting conversations with my peers and some new faces, tasty appy from Model Milk, and a chance to browse Hugo Boss pieces at the Harry Rosen store. Certainly I'll be looking forward to the next Underground Lounge event in the near future.

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