Saturday, October 20, 2012

Emily Woudenberg - "Paragon" - Art Deco Inspired Collection

Emily Woudenberg's "Paragon" Collection
(photos by: Yvette Yo of yeauONSTYLE; edited by: Binzento Vincente)
Fashion designer Emily Woudenberg

Binzento Vincente recently received an invitation to Toronto's fashion and accessories designer Emily Woundenberg's newest fashion accessories collection launch event. This collection, titled: "Paragon" was inspired by "most eclectic and luxurious qualities of the Art Deco movement". We were fortunate to first hand preview her newest line of work ahead of spring 2013 World Mastercard Fashion Week.
Toronto blogger Yvette Yo of yeauONSTYLE blog went to this event on my behalf, which was at Nyood Restaurant & Bar located on Queens, YYZ. The event was quite intimate, with Woudenberg's 12-piece collection displayed on a centre piece table-gallery under ambient light. The designs had a strong warrior tone in effect. In fact, the name of this collection "Paragon" was defined as "an immaculate diamond", symbolized the frivolity that followed World War I. After the Great Depression and World War II, the opulence of the Art Deco era was out of place and a stark contrast to the sombre reality of the late 1930's.
The materials of "Paragon" were incorporated rose gold, opalite, copper industrial materials, rope and hand-sculpted pendants. The mixed use of these materials set a new standard in fashion jewelry and accessories. Woudenberg created functional pieces that are highly artistic, and tell a story the emotions post wars. Though my feelings toward this collection reflects "a brave struggle" under societal pressure, however I also found a balance of sophistication in them. My favourite piece was the black Vertex bracelet and the Skull ring. They were all very androgynous, which I believe would add a great touch to any styles for both sexes. yeauONSTYLE did a brief interview with Woudenberg, so be sure to check it out HERE. I like to thank Woudenberg for the invitation us to browse such a refreshing collection. Bigger thanks to Yvette Yo for the taking the photos and attend the event. :)

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