Sunday, October 7, 2012

Binzento Visits California - God Bless America's Big IT Giants

God Bless America's Big IT Giants
(Photos by: Andrew T; Edited by: Binzento Vincente)
Having fun with the Google-bot

Binzento is currently in California in the Bay Area for the next few days to search for fashion inspiration - AND to see Madonna. Arriving Silicon Valley as my first destination, how can I not visit the social media networks and IT giants that my blog highly depended upon (Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, LinkedInGoogle? In the spirit of the current US presidency election, wearing an American flag tee is inevitable. Thanks to Andrew T for capturing some of the best moments of my visits to these big corporate IT companies :)~ I reallly enjoyed my Google visit; got to go round the campus and saw the cutest giant Google-bot. Also had a chance to see the Museum of Computer History, the inner geek in me totally came out when I saw vintage Atari-puters. Ahhh… and Vivienne Tam designed lap top and fashion acessories, love it. At the museum, I bought a small head piece made by an 85 year old retired computer engineer named Emilio. The charm was an old Compaq computer circuit board~! :) Tomorrow I'll be travelling to San Francisco for its annual street fair. Hopefully I'll get to snap some good photos there for you guys!

…Finally in memory of the Apple King: Steve Jobs who died Oct 5th 2011; Can't believe it's been a year…

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