Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn Art Leisures in YYC

Autumn Arts Leisures in YYC
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)

Shifting away from the fashion scene for a bit, the autumn season was filled with artistic inspiration. I was fortunate to participate the following two events in the past few weeks:

Glenbow Museum Art Exhibition:
Fairy Tales, Monsters and the Genetic Imagination
Take a tour into the realm of surreal imagination at the Glenbow Museum. The current exhibition, runs until January 2nd 2013, titled Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination is a collection of artwork inspired by fairy tale stories, sci-fi literatures and genetic experimentation. The showcase includes more than 60 paintings, photographs, sculptures and video works by Canadian and international artists including David Altmejd, the Chapman Brothers, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Patricia Piccinini and Cindy Sherman. I'm intrgued by the imgeries of body transformations, ancient paradoxes, mythology, and experimentation novelty. Below is a video about the exhibition by curator Mark Scala from The Frist Centre for Visual Arts in Nashville.
Last weekend was the official opening party of the exhibition. Though photography of the exhibition was not available, I had a great time mingling with guests of the evening, and caught up with a few good old friends.

23rd Avenue Artwalk & Street Celebration
I found a hidden gem in YYC few weeks ago. 23rd Ave SE location lies the homes of artists. Officially I can call it the most artsy part of town, all of the artists were apparently neighbors of eachother! Illustrator Sam Hester who is one of the residents in the neighborhood saw this as an opportunity, along with the other "23rd Ave artists" organized the first 23rd Avenue Artwalk. The event was basically a perfect chance for the artists to show off their works, and put them up for sale in the front yards of their homes. It's an amazing experience seeing so many talents in town in just one block. The entire cast of artists' works include: glassblowing, painting, ceramics, dance, comics, filmmaking, photography, and printmaking. There were also local farm produced products, and local homemade treats and snacks. I didn't get a chance to browse all the resident artists' work in detail. If it wasn't because I had another event to attend, I would've stayed longer. Sam Hester said this is their first event, so hopefully it won't be their last!! If it's happening again, I highly recommend art enthusiasts to check it out.

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