Monday, September 24, 2012

Nanette Lepore Visits YYC Holt Renfrew

Nanette Lepore Visits Holt Renfrew Calgary
(photos: Binzento Vincente)
This year marks the 175th Anniversary of Holt Renfew. In celebrating this once in a life time year, New York fashion designer Nanette Lepore flew in to Calgary for the first time to meet and greet the Holt Renfrew YYC location. Nanette spent the day at a luncheon party hosted by the store's Divisional Vice President and General Manager Debra Kerr. There were models also wearing Fall/Holiday Nanette Lepore Collection. I arrived the store in the late afternoon and got a chance to meet the designer. She was very friendly. We chatted briefly and I asked her about the original idea behind the current collection on showcase. The pieces gave me a sense of high energy tribal inspired concept, with a touch middle-eastern taste. Nanette said it wasn't inentional to be that way. The idea was to create a collection that leans towards masculinity in women's wear - almost like a male in extreme flamboyant clothing. She also said it was an inspiration of Oscar Wilde. The team had mix-n-match different patterns and colors, which ultimately decided a suitable fit for the vision and taste. Looking at the girls in Nanette's collection not necessarily gives me the masculine vibe, but surely a strong, modern, and confident female character.
It was a pleasure to meet Nanette in person. I know my photographer/correspondent KO is a huge huge fan of hers. I know that Nanette's team is currently traveling in Chicago with the brand. Best wishes and we look forward to your visits again.

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