Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Binzento Visits Creamery Blog GIVEAWAY!

Binzento Visits Creamery Blog GIVEAWAY! 
When I first hear about a new shop in town called Creamery from a dear friend of mine, I told her “Ohhh! I love gelato!!!” She then explained Creamery is not a dessert house, but actually a cream bar specifically for skin care. The name still sounds delicious, but how does Creamery different than any body shops? One would be the Creamery shop address the needs of each person’s skin type independently, and all of their products can be made on the spot totally customizable.
The only way to truly find out the details about this new skin care shop in Calgary, located inside the Eau Claire Market is to pay a little visit. Binzento along with two of his lovely friends decided to drop by one weekend afternoon. The concept is very much similar to a wine bar, served with a menu in front of you listing all the ingredients and “toppings” you can choose from to blend a perfect cream for your skin. There is a wide range of customized products including facial cream, lip balm, exfoliator, marks, body scrubs and lotions.
The master “chef” of Creamery, Virginia Smith, greeted us with a vibrant smile. Her glowing, flawless, and healthy looking skin tells me “their products are some serious business”. Their current shop location launched just a little bit over a year ago, but Virginia said she’s been in the cream making business for more than 10 years. Graduated with chemistry degree, and having study various natural medicines of different cultures, Virginia learned a lot about the secret to maintain beautiful skin. The current skin care products out there contain many chemical compounds and preservatives that are normally toxic. To eliminate the potential harmful effect beauty products have on our skin, she believes that anything we put on ourselves should be coming from the most naturally sources and eatable. 
Creamery Chef Virginia Smith in her "kitchen"
Over the years, she experimented various combinations of natural ingredients to develop a cream she thinks is perfect for skin. As of now, Virginia had created at least 240 different formulas. “One of the biggest problems with skin products is categorizing people with dry, medium, and oily skins…I think it’s more complicated than that” She said. “Each individual is genetically different” and we also have different lifestyles. Virginia would create a formula based on the person’s skin tone, ethnicity, lifestyle, and most importantly their needs. 
 Chef Virginia making me a cream blend! :)
I tried their body scrubs, absolutely phenomenal! Literally your skin feels so silky smooth without applying any lotion afterwards. I ended up choosing the facial scrubs and moisturizing cream, which Virginia blended for me after checking the characteristics of my skin. Watching her working behind the bar was fascinating. In a matter of minutes, she blended something that was made up of at least more than 20 components (I can’t list them all here~)! My two lovely friends were also very impressed and ended up spending money $ <3. The Creamery products were also well received and are currently being ordered by hotels, and beauty parlor. Virginia said their officially launching soon, and they have plans to create “custom your cream” online service where they can ship their specially made skin products right to your doorsteps! Can’t wait for that to happen. For more info on Creamery: Check their Facebook page or their store: Unit A3, Barclay Parade SW, Calgary (inside Eau Claire Market)

 Now, the Giveaway~
A special body scrub by chef Virginia for my readers! <3
Binzento would LOVE to share his finds to his readers, so I am going to do a Creamery GIVEAWAY! This is a special cocoa butter body scrub blend which Virginia specially made that day during my visit. It was the one I described above, where you body would feel SUPER silky smooth. To enter, all you have to do is:
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3. Share this post on your Facebook page. :)
Click on the link (HERE) for more details!

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