Monday, September 3, 2012

Binzento Supports "I've Been Bullied" Campaign - A Walk in Calgary Pride 2012

Binzento Supports Anti-bullying Campaign "I've Been Bullied"
A Walk in Pride Calgary 2012
(photos taken with: Binzento's Instagram :))
Binzento particiapted the Pride Calgary 2012 parade walk representing White Cedar's anti-bullying campaign: "I've Been Bullied" today in YYC. It is one of those days when you'll realize the world would be a beautiful place when people learn to accept one another, and not to discriminate because of who they are. Truthfully, we all make judgemental comments, and sometimes unintentionally hurt other people with stereotypes and/or discrimination. I wrote a small note to myself (I called it the LDLD) to remind myself the things I'll do my best to contribute making this world a better and safer place.

(And I hope it inspires others to do the same)
Let's put a stop to: racism, discrimination, violence, abuse and hate 
Don't judge one another cause of: race, gender, beliefs, sexuality and statuses
Let's embrace: friendship, diversity, culture, ideas and freedom
Do focus on how to: love, have peace, encourage, support and be happy.
Check out the "I've Been Bullied" campaign on facebook HERE and join the cause. 

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