Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein - A Retrospective Art Exhibition

Roy Lichtenstein - A Retrospective Art Exhibition
(photos: Binzento Vincente)
While I was visiting the The Art Institute of Chicago during my time in that city, there was an art exhibition dedicated to American artist Roy Lichtenstein. The exhibition showcased some of the most important pieces by Roy Lichtenstein, tells a story about his life and work as an artist - a retrospective of his career. Roy Lichtenstein, similar to Andy Warhol, was named as one of the most influential pop-art artists of our lifetime. His works were known to be influenced by comic-strips and advertisements, and within them comprised of creative parody and tongue-in-cheek humor. Several pieces, such as his "mirror paintings" provided audience a wide range of interpretations beyond imaginable, depending on the "mirror image" of the dynamic environment. Roy Lichtenstein art exhibition will continue to run in The Art Institute of Chicago until September 3rd. If you've got a chance while in Chicago, it will be a worthwhile visit I guaranteed.

If you are also interested, here is a video of "behind the scenes" where curator James Rondeau spoke about the organization of the largest Roy Lichtenstein art exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago.

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